Simply Because

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  • Apple Flower w/ dipped strawberries

    $54.99$74.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Butterfly Garden

    $65.00$85.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Cheer You Up Bundle

    $70.98$78.98 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Dripping Hot Cakes & Swizzle Berries

    Dripping Hot Cakes & Swizzle Berries:  Strawberries dipped in semi sweet chocolate and white swizzle. Pine apple cakes dipped in semi sweet chocolate and drizzled with colored white chocolate. Adorned with birthday candles, highlighting the perfect and affordable birthday gift.
    $53.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Flutter Supreme

    Flutter Supreme Perfect for almost any giftable occasion Pineapple, cantaloupe & honey dew balls, rainbow dipped strawberries and grapes.  To customize go to the Add-Ons tab on home page to add bear,  balloons or additional dipped strawberries.
    $50.00$70.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Heels On Sundae

    $61.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Incredible Daisy w/ Dipped Pineapple & Strawberries

    $52.99$62.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Incredible Donut Daisy

    $45.98$55.98 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Just Daisies

    $50.00$60.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Le Classique (Smiley’s Bouquet)

    Le Classique (Smiley's Bouquet)  A perfect gift for Simply Because, Get well or whatever occasion suits your fancy.  Comes in a Smiley cup with cantaloupe & honey dew wedges, strawberries, pineapple, grapes. With a smiley apple donut and balloon.
    $45.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Make Me Smile

    $52.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Orange Bloom

    Orange Bloom: Perfect arrangement for get well, condolences or simply because you love oranges.  Cantaloupe & honey dew balls, strawberries, orange rings and grapes.
    $50.00$70.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)