Simply Because

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  • Apple Flower w/ dipped strawberries

    $54.99$74.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Butterfly Garden

    $65.00$85.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Cheer You Up Bundle

    $70.98$78.98 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Flutter Supreme

    Flutter Supreme Perfect for almost any giftable occasion Pineapple, cantaloupe & honey dew balls, rainbow dipped strawberries and grapes.  To customize go to the Add-Ons tab on home page to add bear,  balloons or additional dipped strawberries.
    $50.00$70.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Heels On Sundae

    $61.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Incredible Daisy w/ Dipped Pineapple & Strawberries

    $52.99$65.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Incredible Donut Daisy

    $45.98$55.98 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Just Daisies

    $50.00$60.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Le Classique (Smiley’s Bouquet)

    Le Classique (Smiley's Bouquet)  A perfect gift for Simply Because, Get well or whatever occasion suits your fancy.  Comes in a Smiley cup with cantaloupe & honey dew wedges, strawberries, pineapple, grapes. With a smiley apple donut and balloon.
    $45.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Make Me Smile

    $52.99 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Orange Bloom

    Orange Bloom: Perfect arrangement for get well, condolences or simply because you love oranges.  Cantaloupe & honey dew balls, strawberries, orange rings and grapes.
    $50.00$70.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)
  • Rainbow Berries And Stars

    $70.00$85.00 (8.25% Sales Tax Extra)